Community Cares

When it comes to making better choices for your health, no one supports you like the community around you. The team at Community Pharmacy Lake City stands behind you, celebrating each step you take toward a healthier lifestyle, no matter how small it may seem.

We know you might have questions when it comes to your prescriptions, how to take them, how they interact and how to keep them organized.

The staff at Community Pharmacy recognizes this challenge and has a program in place that provides easy to follow steps and support along the way.

Our CommunityCares program offers a variety of services to help you maintain and improve your overall health.

  • · Medicine-On-Time Medication Packaging
  • · Immunization
  • · Medication Synchronization
  • · Medication Therapy Management
  • · Diabetes Specialized Care [consultations]

More services available upon request!

No matter where you are on your journey to better health, you have our support. Afterall, your CommunityCares.

Ask about our CommunityCares program the next time you are at the pharmacy, or get more information by calling (712) 464-7281 .

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